Thank you, Pound Ridge. 

We are so proud of all of you who worked so hard to elect the first Dem supervisor and majority in the history of Pound Ridge! We are deeply grateful to everyone who worked on this campaign—everyone who made calls, blasted texts and emails, encouraged neighbors and friends to vote, went door to door, wrote post cards, prepped candidates, hosted or attended events, donated, and VOTED!

And a huge thank you to all of the Dems who ran for office and worked towards this, literally for decades—almost too many to name, but from Pearl Glassman, Doris Seidlitz, and Mark Slivka to Elyse Arnow, Ali Boak, and Sherene DePalma, you paved the way. This was your win too.

Thank you to Dick Lyman for his service and commitment to our town. He worked hard for all of us for a long time. 

And to our committee, who worked tirelessly and in so many ways that many of you didn’t see or know about, well done! 

Now we’ve got serious work to do to move Pound Ridge forward. We have an amazing town and wonderful people who work for the town and live here. And a new leadership team with vision, energy, and the direction you gave them. 

This isn’t about Dem or Republican. This is about working together to make Pound Ridge a better place. And we look forward to working together to do that. 

Roslyn Stone-Pollock, Chair, PRDC
Ali Boak, Vice-Chair, PRDC